Midnight Ramen


Publisher / Developer

Cointinue Games


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Official Trailer

Midnight Ramen Trailer

Midnight Ramen Story Intro PV

Midnight Ramen Short PV

Game Genre

Visual Novel,
Interactive Fiction,
Cooking, Dialogue

Released date

Second half of 2024


English, Japanese,
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese


PC (Steam)

Average Play Time

4 - 6 hours

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In Midnight Ramen, you play as the owner of a late-night ramen stand. You interact with your customers, listen to their troubles, and help them out whenever you can. But as the diners come and go, and the bowls of ramen are cooked and served, troubles are beginning to brew in your own life as well... 


Midnight Ramen is a narrative dialogue game inspired by titles such as VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action and Coffee Talk, and is developed by the newly-established Cointinue Games studio.

In this game, players take on the role of a ramen stall owner, who operates a stand that only opens late at night, as well as his apprentice Homura. Together they work to run their stand, feed their customers, and help them solve their problems. 

Cook Ramen

Making ramen is not as easy as it sounds. Customers each have their own prefences and, in order to satisfy them, players must combine the different types of broth, noodles, toppings and seasonings in just the right ways! 

Chat with Customers

The customers who come to your stand aren't just burdened by hunger, but by their personal thoughts and troubles. Besides serving them meals, try to have a conversation with them, and help them to resolve the challenges they face! 

An unusually ordinary life:

Your life at the ramen stand might seem ordinary and low-key. But beneath the surface lies an extraordinary secret...